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Top 10 Aluminium Composite Panel ACP Sheet Manufacturer brands in India

Last updated on May 28th, 2022

Aluminium composite panels are in a high demand for constructing aircraft, Building, transport and automobiles. They provide flexibility, easy formation, light weight and allow for creative and innovative design. They are rigid and durable and prove to be a superior sustainable product for manufacturing building, signage or anything else in your mind.

Following is the list of Top 10 ACP Sheet Manufacturer brands in India

Serial No. Company Name Website
1 Virgo ACP
2 Alex Panels
3 Aludecor
4 Viva
5 Eurobond
7 Alstrong
8 Alstone
aluminium composite panel manufacturers in india

The market for ACP sheets manufacturers is increasing at a rapid stage and now there are millions of new manufacturer of sheets demanded by customers. If you are also thinking of buying the best and excellent quality of ACP sheets then we have created an excellent solution for you.

Top 10 ACP Sheets Manufacturer in India

1. Virgo ACP


Virgo Group is a Delhi-based company and considered to be the largest multinational manufacturer and distributor of Aluminium rolled products in India. With more than a million square feet of area for manufacturing and workplace consisting of more 3000 employees, they tend to sell tons of units to the market every week.

The products are of high quality and are innovative in design that impresses the customer each time.  Their products exhibit finery, durability, rigidity and flexibility.  They have more than 10 years of experience in producing aluminium rolls and coils product and their best ACP sheets are sold under the name of Virgo ACP. The sheets give vintage, funky, classic or any look you desire and create roof, signage and many interior applications as well. Checkout Virgo ACP now and get the best deals.

2. Alex Panels


Alex Aluminium Composite Panel is Dehradun based Company that is ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 certified. It is an arm of Punjab Plywood Industries, a recognized pillar of Indian plywood sector that is known for providing superior quality of plywood under the name Black Cobra.

Alex uses “Kynar 500” resins for its exterior grade which ensures anti-fungal properties and durability. From the raw materials to Adhesive used, the ACP sheets are products of high quality and process versatility. At each stage of its production, there is a consistent quality checks performed that ensures adequate density, thickness, strength, coating quality and aluminium grade.

3. Aludecor


Aludecor Lamination Private Limited is a Kolkata-based company and considered to a pioneer in the ACP sheets business market. Started in 2004 and still going strong with continuance of trust and reliability by the customer, Aludecor every product range include are a “Made in India” quality i.e. they are known for its beauty and innovative design.

The company has worked with top national and International brands like Samsung, AMUL, Toyota, KFC, Hyundai, Jaguar, HDFC and a range of excess big names. They go through various tests before making the quality product for customers like a color test, fire test, mechanical test and many more. So check out their company and buy your next item in the list.

4. Viva


Viva is a Mumbai-based company, considered to a leading and renowned brand for ACP sheets production in India. The manufacturing unit is in Gujarat and the total production capacity is of 7 million square meters. It was set up in the year 2003, is now a ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 & “CE” Certified Company with 18 warehouse and 500+ dealers spread all over India.

Viva’s Aluminium composite Panel is of superior which you might have already guessed and process durability at all times required. The ACP texture is shiny and long lasting as well and all these features of premium quality offering has made us at Viva one of the best and undisputed leaders of the aluminium composite panel manufacturers in India.

5. Eurobond


Eurobond is a Bombay-based company, known to be a pioneer of Aluminium Composite panels. The company, under the flagship of Euro Panel Products Pvt.Ltd. has been an undisputed leader in providing ACPs to various industry sectors.

Eurobond is known for providing innovative products at an affordable rate. There are multiple ranges of ACP products including Metallic, Marble, and Mirror, Solid, Spectra, HPL and many more including the Fire retardant panels.



Wonder ALU Board Overseas is a New Delhi based company that is biggest manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium Composite Panels in India. The manufacturing unit is in Rajasthan and is spread over a 50,000 square feet area accompanies with numerous teams of experts and faculty.

The aluminium composite Panels are lightweight still strong in quality and used for many applications. The products are of certified quality and cost-efficient and their important features include Elegant design, excellent finish and abrasion resistant.

7. Alstrong

As the name suggests, Alstrong manufactures strong and inventive Aluminium composite panel. It is a Delhi based company and the manufacturing unit is situated in Jammu. The company has 20 company offices and 17 Warehouse and more than 400+ PAN- India network of salesperson. With its own logistic team it manages to give product delivery at a scheduled time.

They are known for using Korean and Japanese technology for producing ACP sheets that are best in the quality. The design and material are highly durable, maintenance-free and environmentally safe. In terms of aesthetic, they always manage to bring better-looking products.

8. Alstone


ALSTONE is also a Delhi-based company, established in year 2004 and the manufacturing unit is in Dehradun and Jaipur. They started operations with Alstone Classic, an exquisite range of panels that went ahead to become a benchmark in Aluminium Composite Panels. This was followed by the launch of, Alstone Evolution, each range entirely different from others on the whole.

The company is offering the best quality highly durable product made up of double-layer aluminium skins. These products are first pre-coated and bonded with non- toxic polyethene core material. The brand has its innovative and highly sustainable products in the market.



Alucobond is another popular company in India known for producing high-quality ACP panels. It is Bombay-based company, established in 1969 and the manufacturing unit is in Maharashtra. They mission is modern construction and with more 50 years of experience the provide simple yet functional design and material that stay long with you.

They are manufacturing high-quality panels with a unique appearance and fire retardant properties. These panels are made water proof and scratch resistant with the rigid material and light in weight.



Unistone Panels Pvt Ltd is the leading APC Panels manufacturer selling the quality panels across India under the brand name Citybond. They are known for giving you a visual treat by offering highly innovative and creative design.

There aluminium Composite Panel Sheets are non-combustible, eco-friendly and sustainable building material as per standards of international Construction and Signage industries.They have a nationwide channel to supply their products. They are manufacturing the international standards of sustainable and eco- friendly panels. These APC panels are made in non- combustible nature of quality.

Conclusion ACP sheets are great for our infrastructure as they make them look vintage and stylish. With only good quality of ACP sheet  brands we’ll be able to make out dreams possible of a great looking building, industry or anything else. These were the Top 10 aluminium composite panel manufacturers in India known for proving sheets which are strong and durable

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