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Top 10 Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers in India

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

It’s been estimated that almost 1/3 of all plastics materials are manufactured by injection mouldings and the plastic business seems to grow extensively every year. The global Plastic Injection Molding Machine market was a $15, 255 million in 2017 and it is projected to reach $22,323 million in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.7%. 

Serial No. Company Name Website
3 Haitian International
4 Husky Injection Molding Systems
5 KraussMaffei Group
6 Milacron Holdings Corp.
7 Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd
8 Sumitomo Heavy Industries
9 the Japan Steel Works
10 Ube Industries, Ltd.
Top 10 Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer in India

India is among the biggest country for Injection moulding Market and in future Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate the market throughout the forecast period. 

Injection moulding is a process that is used to manufacture plastic processes. It starts from the process of heating the plastic materials with high heat and then injecting them into a steel mould to cool and set to take final shape. It is done with the help of the Injection moulding machine which consists of two significant parts, an injection unit, and a clamping unit.

Injection mouldings machines produce plastic parts that are diverse such as a light texture, medium texture, smooth, pad printed and screen printed and various others.

The only hampering factor that is affecting the growth in the market is the high price of the injection moulding machine and high tooling cost, though with technological developments and design advancement there are getting more opportunities in the market. 

Based on the Machine Type, Injection Molding Machine is segmented as:

  • Electric 
  • Hydraulic
  • Hybrid

The Electric section is predicted to dominate the global Injection moulding machine market among the rest

  • on the Clamping force, they are also divided into parts such as:
  • Less than 200 Tons Force
  • From 200 to 500 Tons Force
  • Above 500 Tons Force

So if you are looking for an Injection moulding Machine or any Manufacturer then you probably must be thinking of starting an Injection Molding Business or expanding the existing one. These machines are high priced and are on time purchases products which may bring great loss if you hesitate with quality. So we did a survey and high research to find the best manufacturer which produces the supreme and durable Injection moulding machine that is perfectly suitable for your business. Let’s begin with our Top 10 Injection moulding machine/manufacture who proves to be a key player.



  • ARBURG is a German-based Company, one of the leading Manufacturers of Electric, Hydraulic, and Hybrid Plastic Injection moulding machines. It provides clamping force ranging from 125 to 6,500 kN.
  • The machines are the production of plastic parts in various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, medical technology, and communication, packaging and diverse domestic appliances.
  • It provides great quality and their main objective is to enable the customers to manufacture their products and make a business. ARBURG has become the first company to gain Triple certification that is ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 50001 (Energy) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

1. Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine Essential Features include:

  • Clamping Force range between 14 to 560 tons
  • GOLDEN EDITION Model: Entry-level Model at affordable price
  • ALLROUNDER Model: Precisely engineered for all moulding processes
  • Technology Used: Energy-efficient drives such as Energy-saving system (AES) and ARBURG Servo-hydraulic system (ASH)

2. Essential Features of Hybrid Injection moulding machine

  • With GESTIC control system and clamping force of 730 tons
  • Exceptionally short dry cycle times unit of the servo-electric clamping
  • Energy savings of up to 40% compared to hydraulic machines
  • Special “Packaging” (P) machine versions for packaging applications

3. Essential Features of Electric Injection Molding Machine 

  • Golden Electric- Standardized entry-level model
  • Edrive- Electric machine concept in demands in terms of equipment
  • Alldrive- High-end series for complex production tasks
  • Energy requirements are up to 50 % lower than hydraulic machine

  1. ENGEL

Engel is one of the most significant manufacturers of Injection moulding machines based in Austria. They reassure customer comfort and produce energy-efficient machines suitable for people all around the world. 

With proven and innovative injection moulding machines from 280 kN to 55,000 kN clamping force, hydraulic, fully electric, horizontal and vertical solutions.


ENGEL Electric Injection Molding Machine consists of:

1. E-cap Electric Injection moulding machine Essential Features are: 

  • Toggle Lever
  • Flexible machine layout
  • Short cycle times
  • Clamping force – from 1100 kN to 4200 kN

2. E- Mac Electric Injection Moulding Machine essential Features are:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Long service life
  • Wide range of applications
  • Clamping force – from 500 kN to 2,800 kN

3. E-motion Electric Injection Molding Machine essential Features are:

  • Toggle Lever
  • Little maintenance costs
  • E-motion Tie bar less Design
  • Clamping force – from 300 kN to 6,500 kN

ENGEL’s Hydraulic/Hybrid injection moulding machines:

1. Duo Hydraulic/Hybrid Injection Molding Machine Key Features are:

  • Short cycle times 
  • Efficient production 
  • Clamping force – from 3,500 kN to 55,000 kN

More ENGEL Hydraulic/Hybrid Injection Moulding Machines are

  • E-duo
  • Victory
  • E-victory
  • E-speed

3. Haitian International

Haitian International Holding Limited is also of the leading international manufacturer of an Injection moulding machine that is widely known for its 21st-century advanced concept. Haitian International factories are situated in Germany and China and India is also a subsidiary of their business.

 Haitian International holding has two separate departments based on the type of Injection Molding Machine required, for premium electronic solution Zhafir Global Network provides the highly efficient machine and for Servo-hydraulic solution, the Haitian Plastic Machinery is available.

Solution for High-end Segment- Zhafir Venus Series 

Solution for High-end Segment- Zhafir Venus Series

1. Zhafir Venus Series

· Fully electrical solution

· 400-8000 KN

2. Zhafir Zeres Series

· Electric solution

· 400-13,800KN

3. Zhafir Jenius Series

· Hybrid electrical/two-platen solution

· 3600-33000 KN

Servo- Hydraulic Solution – Haitian Series

1. Haitian Mars Series

· Bestseller with over 2, 30,000 sold machines

· 600-33,000 KN

2. Haitian Jupiter Series

· Two platen technology

· 4,500-66,000 KN

3. Haitian IAPETUS Series

· Multi-component technology

· 1,200-18,500 KN

  1. Husky Injection Molding Systems

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is a Supreme supplier of injection moulding equipment and services to the plastics industry. They manufacture, design and integrate the industry’s most comprehensive range of injection moulding equipment, including machines, moulds, hot runners, auxiliaries and integrated systems.

Their main manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, China, India, and the Czech Republic.

Husky Injection Molding Systems

Husky’s Injection Molding machines include:

1. HyPET System Features:

  • HyPET Systems– available in five sizes from 120 to 500 tons
  • CoolPik features up to four cycles of balanced cooling 
  • Polaris Controls provides rich process monitoring data

2. H-PET AE (All-Electric) Systems Features:

  • System Flexibility
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Polaris control Interface

3. HyCap System Features:

  • Automated color change minimizes waste
  • 30% Energy Savings Package hot runner pro
  • Mould ID option enables process storage

4. HyPac System features:

  • Offer better mould protection 
  • Produce faster cycles
  • Delivers 30% more plasticizing

5. Hylectric System features:

  • Available from 160 to 1200 ton (170 to 1300 tons)
  • Polaris™ Control delivers tight process control 
  • Unique clamp design results in less flash and scrap

  1. KraussMaffei Group

KraussMaffei Group is among the pre-eminent manufacturer of Injection moulding machines for reaction process machinery and plastic extrusion technology. It is a Chinese based company that merged three companies into one i.e. NESTAL, KraussMaffei and KraussMaffei Berstorff into one: KraussMaffei. We’ll discuss the all-electric and Hydraulic injection moulding machines here:

ALL ELECTRIC – KraussMaffei’s Electric injection moulding machines

ALL ELECTRIC - KraussMaffei’s Electric injection moulding machines


  • 800-4200 KN
  • Modular System
  • Cost-effective entry-level solution

2. PX Series

  • 350-3200 KN 
  • All-electric clamping unit
  • Individualized combination of injection and clamping units


  • KN

Equipment options up to cleanroom class ISO 5

Highest productivity and perfect precision

HYDRAULIC – KraussMaffei’s Hydraulic injection moulding machines:

HYDRAULIC - KraussMaffei’s Hydraulic injection moulding machines

1. CX Series

350-4200 KV

Hydraulic clamping unit

A platform for a wide variety of processes

2. GX Series

  • Multiple applications

Guide X: High-performance guide shoe

Outstanding shot weight consistency

3. MX Series

10.000 – 55.000 KV

Expanded product range available

Hydro mechanical two-platen clamping technology

  1. Milacron Holdings Corp.

Milacron Holding Corporation is among the global leaders in the manufacturer, distributors and service provider for Injection Molding machines with a $27 billion plastic technology and processing market. It is an American company located in Ohio and also sells internationally.

The company operates through three divisions: Melt Delivery and Control Systems (MDCS), Advanced Plastic Processing Technologies (APPT) and Fluid Technologies (Fluids). The APPT segment designs, manufactures, and sells injection moulding, blow moulding, and extrusion equipment; and auxiliary systems and related parts and service. We’ll discuss the all electric and Hydraulic and Servo injection moulding machines here:

ELECTRIC – Milacron’s servo injection moulding machines

ELECTRIC - Milacron’s servo injection moulding machines

1. Electra System Features:

Consumes so little electricity and water

USB stick for saving mould datasets

300 up to 3,000 kN clamping force

2. Electron System Features:

Double toggle design

High-performance controls

4 injection unit sizes: 970, 1540, 2290 and 3470

3. PowerPak System Features:

Energy savings of 50-60% 

Ultra-precision rack-and-pinion clamp

Low inertia motors that increase response

HYDRAULIC- Milacron’s Hydraulic injection moulding machines

HYDRAULIC- Milacron’s Hydraulic injection moulding machines

1. Magna Toggle Features:                      

Reduced heat generation 

Lower maintenance costs,

Fast cycling and reduced platen deflection 

2. OMEGA – The Robust Performer

Fast Tonnage Built-up Time

Outstanding Energy Saving

Faster Response towards Hydraulic System

SERVO -Milacron’s servo injection moulding machines

SERVO -Milacron’s servo injection moulding machines

1. CINCINNATI System Features:

Faster clamp speeds

Improved machine layout

Cincinnati series provides higher max mould weights

2. HYDRON System features:

Fast Tonnage Built-up Time 

Unique Prefill Cylinder Design

Large Ram Diameter Provided

3. Q-SERIES System Features:

With a tonnage range of 55 to 610 (500-5.500 KN)

Greater eject force from prior design.

Built to perform in wide array of applications 

  1. Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd

Nissei Plastic Industrial is a Japanese Company widely popular in the manufacture and sale of injection moulding machines, parts, and dies and peripheral equipment. It operates in three divisions based on the International market, Japan Segment, USA Segment and Asia Segment.

The Japan division works in manufacture, purchase and sale of injection moulding machines and peripheral equipment. The United States division works in the sale of products. The Asia division has China and Thailand affiliates focusing on manufacturing and other areas focusing on sale of the Company’s products. We’ll discuss the all electric and hybrid injection moulding machines here:

Nissei’s All Electric Injection moulding Machines

Nissei’s All Electric Injection moulding Machines

1. NEX-IV Series Features:

  • Clamping Force- 30-360 tf
  • Increased precision and speed
  • Larger mold, smaller machine

 2. NEX-III Series Features

  • “TACT IV” controller
  • Stable plasticization device
  • Clamping force 294kN (30ton) to 4510kN (460ton)

Nissei’s All Hybrid Injection moulding Machines

1. FVX-III Series Features:

  • Equipped with the “X-Pump,”
  • High-rigidity clamping system
  • Long lasting & easy maintainability

2. FNX-III Series Features:

  • Clamping Force- 80-460 tf
  • Quick injection starting response
  • Energy-saving performance

3. PNX-III Series Features:

  • Clamping Force – 40-60 tf
  • Durability of direct-pressure clamping
  • Long life, and low cost

  1. Sumitomo Heavy Industries

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd is a Legendary Japanese company that is widely known for manufacturing Industrial machinery, steel structure, and automatic weaponry, ships and equipment for environmental protection like recycling power transfer equipment, laser processing system, cancer diagnostic and Injection Molding Machine.

In the year 1979, the company popularly built an Ultra Large Crude Carrier Supertanker, the longest ship ever built and the Sea wise Giant. In this article we have discusses all the electric Injection machines based on different sizes.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries


Standard of small-sized machine

Precise and stable production

Clamping Force: 500kN~1800kN


Clamping Force: 170kN~290Kn

High power and high response

 Meet a broader range of moulding needs


Clamping Force: 2200kN~5000Kn

Standard of middle-sized machine

Clamp force is extended from 4 to 8

Sumitomo Heavy Industries


High response injection

This series delivers low inertia

Clamping Force: 2150kN~3430kN

5. SE-HP

Clamping Force: 1000kN~1800kN

Super High Speed

Direct drive mechanism with a servo control system

6. CL                      

Compact large class electric machine

Larger mould mounting performance

Clamping Force: 5390kN

  1. the Japan Steel Works

The Japan Steelworks is a Japanese Company (in case you didn’t noticed) founded in 1907 and it’s a top leading Steel manufacturer. They are known for producing Iron and steel products, Nuclear power- related machinery, Chemical machinery, Hydraulic equipments, pressure containers and Injection moulding machines and various others as well.

During WW II they popularly manufactured what was then the world’s largest Gun barrel ever to be fitted into Battleship Yamato. Almost 200 workers in their main plant in Muroran were killed in an attack by Allied forces in year 1945. Now everyone works safely because thankfully men don’t create wars anymore except on Twitter.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries

1. Small Sized Injection Molding Machine

Clamping Force: 300Kn -1800KN

2. Middle-Sized Injection Molding Machine

Clamping Force: 2160kN – 4420KN

3. Large Size Injection Molding Machine

Clamping force: 5400KN – 11700 KN

4. Ultra Large Size Injection Molding Machine

Sumitomo Heavy Industries

Clamping force: 24600KN -29400KN

  1. Ube Industries, Ltd.

Founded in 1897, Ube Industries is a Japanese Chemical Company that is known for manufacturing chemicals, battery materials, cement, plastics machinery and construction materials.

Started in 1967 till today, UBE Machinery has created a variety of injection moulding machines that are highly advanced and also combined customer’s need along with it so we can produce collectively a high quality Injection moulding for every business.

Ube’s all ELECTRIC Injection moulding machines:

Ube’s all ELECTRIC Injection moulding machines:

1. UBEMAX-UF Series                            

Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons

Equipped with e-HUMMA

User-friendly Controller Designed for Easy Operation

2. MD Series

Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons

Rigid Wide Platen Design

New high response servo system

Ube’s all Hydraulic Injection moulding machines

Ube’s all Hydraulic Injection moulding machines

1. UBEMAX UU II Series

 Eco-friendly machines

Clamping force 2000 to 4000 tons

Upgraded with the servo-pumps


Clamping force 350 to 6300 tons

Long-selling product for over 25 years 

3. UBEMAX-UU Series

Clamping force 2500 to 4000 tons

 Uses a two-platen design system

Flexibility of space utilization


That’s a wrap everyone. This was our Top 10 Injection moulding machine list done with a lot of research and hard work. These companies are widely popular for their finer quality in machines and they are well-accomplished businesses in the world. Deciding a machine to start a business on it should be a decision to be taken after plenty of rational and sensible thinking. We didn’t want you to make a mistake while selecting a machine which is a big-budget. So speed up and elect from any of the companies you prefer and start immediately working on your own business.

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