The world’s – Best 11 Paper Shredders in India


With the revolution of industry and commerce evolve the unethical practices and illegal means of stealthily taking advantage of other’s resources and acquiring other’s wealth to instantly become rich overnight without putting the effort required to accumulate that wealth.

And in such an unethical world full of unethical practices and immoral standards, the onus of protecting one’s rights and benefits lies more with the owner/proprietor than anybody else. To safeguard one’s interest, its essential for one to keep the important documents and information protected from wrongdoers and preventing it from reaching in the wrong hands. The information could be e-form or in black and white on a piece of paper vulnerable to reach people; it should not.

In such a scenario, the paper shredders have travelled a long way to safeguard individuals, business houses, and Government interests and stop them from being subject to wrong hands or misuse. Nowadays, paper shredders have become as crucial as bill printers, photocopier machines, and other electrical gadgets, without which neither a business house cannot survive nor an individual household.

Here, for everyone’s benefit, we are exploring the various aspects of paper shredders, from what they are, to what are the world’s best paper shredders available in India. Let us roll on:

Here, for everyone’s benefit, we are exploring the various aspects of paper shredders, from what they are, to what are the world’s best paper shredders available in India. Let us roll on:

What is a paper shredder?

A paper shredder, as the name implies, is a machine that strips the paper to strips, small pieces, or particles to make it unfit to join together and regain the original paper. Its main aim is to shred the paper beyond recognition to not let anyone again paste it and create the original document.

Why are paper shredders used?

Paper shredders are used to destroy the confidential documents or private papers or other sensitive papers that are important to net let go in the wrong hands or not to let the information reach people it is not intended for. As they are subject to abuse or misuse maliciously by others, therefore it is important to destroy them permanently beyond any possibility of reframing or re-joining them.

Who all uses the paper shredders?

Paper shredders are commonly used by Government organizations, business houses, banks, private individuals, and all others who need to remain secured and intend to prevent the misuse of their documents or information by others.

Otherwise, paper shredders are essential for every person to protect their information and other important documents that are vulnerable to being misused or abused when disposed of or sold to a junk dealer.

How does a paper shredder work?

The paper shredder incorporates sharp teeth or knives that cut the paper into thin strips or confetti-like small pieces when it is fed to it. As the paper touches the cutting head, the knives or the sharp teeth inside the shredder rotate and pull the paper to hold in its jaws. The paper then undergoes cutting to small pieces until it is completely torn into too small pieces to let it get dropped down into the bin provided in the shredder to collect the paper pieces.

How much does a paper shredder cost?

A paper shredder price varies from USD 200- 11,000 depending upon the size and the features.

What is the average life of a paper shredder?

A paper shredder’s life expectancy varies from 5 to 10 years depending upon the use, type of the technology it incorporates to destroy the paper, and the raw material it is made up of. The paper shredders otherwise are rugged and robust machines that work for years and do not require much attention, maintenance, or service.

How long the paper shredder takes to destroy a paper?

The paper shredder usually continuously works for 5-10 minutes in one go while destroying the papers. It depends upon the technology it is made up of and the security level it is working on while destroying the paper. However, other professional shredders are also available that are used in offices and are designed to work for up to 30 minutes continuously.

What are various types of paper shredders available in the market?

Paper shredders are broadly classified into three main categories:

1. Strip-cut shredders

These are the traditional strip-cut shredders that were the first to be in the market, but are still widely used. Commonly they are used when the information to be destroyed is not that important, and the intention is to destroy the piece of the paper, which bears it.

These shredders shred the documents and other papers into thin, long strips but do not destroy them completely, leaving them vulnerable to be reassembled and re-joined to as they were earlier.

They are simpler, easier to maintain, less expensive, and are used with papers that are not that sensitive to destroy them beyond reassembling.

These shredders cut the papers vertically only. They cut around 39 strips from a single A4 sheet.

2. Cross-cut Shredders

These shredders are better than strip-cut shredders and are used in places where the data is sensitive, and it is not in good taste for someone un-authorize to have access to that information.

These shredders slice the documents in two directions rather than single as used to happen in strip-cut shredders. It is not easier even for the scrupulous sources to reassemble the data and misuse it. These shredders are nowadays commonly used across the industries to safeguard their information and other important data.

They cut the paper diagonally from their adjacent corners and shear it off into d diamond-shape small-small pieces that are near impossible to be reassembled.

These cross-cut shredders are otherwise a little bit more expensive than strip-cut shredders, but owing to their working, they are worth buying. Tough the level of maintenance broadly remains the same as that of strip-cut shredders.

However, shedders are available in the market that comes with both the features of strip-cutting as well as cross-cutting functions.

These shredders are also known as diamond or Confetti-cut shredder. It usually cut a single A4 sized sheet into 400 pieces leaving close to nil chance of being reassembled or re-joined.

3. Micro-cut Shredders

The Micro-cut shredders are the best in the class available in the market and are better than both of the earlier shredders. They are employed where the data is valuable, confidential, sensitive, and at any cost is not to be risked to be misused or abused or interpreted by un-authorize users. They practically make it impossible for someone to reassemble the documents and use them or trace out information from them. They render the content unrecognizable.

These shredders turn down an A4 size paper into 3700 small pieces leaving them to a stage they cannot be practically reassembled. They are therefore considered in the highest-security zones.

These shredders are expensive and do require substantial maintenance but are worth their cost and maintenance. They are more complex and sophisticated in comparison to the strip-cut and the cross-cut shredders.

They are the best shredders available across the spectrum and are used where affording the misuse of information is a big no though many of the organizations do employ only cross-cut shredders.

Though there are many factors, specifications, and other features that matter while finalizing to procure the paper shredder, however, throat-size, bin capacity, shred speed, energy efficiency are a few of the important ones that are not to be overlooked.

Here are the world’s 11 best paper shredders available in India

  1. GBC Auto+ Shredder
  2. Amazon Basics paper
  3. SToK ST-30CC
  4. STok Cross cutter paper
  5. Goldstandard USA Paper Shredder
  6. Aurora AU870MA Micro-cut
  7. Niyo cross-cut paper
  8. GBC Shredmaster 22SM
  9. Kores Easy Cut891
  10. Bambalio BCC-2700
  11. Bambalio BCC-4000


The paper-shredders have become an essential gadget for all offices, business houses, and personal homes. They are no more an extra gadget or a luxury item to be overlooked or put on back-burner to be purchased later. One must procure a shredder today if one has yet not procured to date, depending upon one’s usage on account of the level of security as well as quantity of sheets one needs to dispose of daily.

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