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Tips for Riding Elevators Safely

Simple Steps to Put Elevator Safety First

Elevators today are among the safest modes of transportation, with over million daily riders on over 100,000 units. Contemporary lifts provide several perks comprising smooth operations, communications in case of emergencies, and instantaneous rides.  Most of us take riding an elevator for decided. We pushed the button, step in, select our floor and step off. We use them every day to go to work, even at home to get to and from block of flats. 

While television and movies often portray fatal elevator failures, the reality is pretty different. Different steel cables support elevators, and each cable alone can sustain a fully-loaded car. So, a tumbling elevator car full of screaming riders is more Hollywood fiction than fact.

However, there are many best practices and steps a rider, and repair workers can follow to assist ensure their safety when using or working on an elevator. Check the elevator safety tips and resources below for details.

Elevator Safety Tips for Employers, Workers & Building Owners

Passenger lifts and its construction workers are at absolute risk for an elevator- interconnected injuries. Almost half of elevator-related demises happen to people working on or nearby elevators- comprising those repairing, installing, and maintaining elevators or working in or adjacent elevator slides. The most common accidents fall into slides, workers wedged amidst moving parts or podiums and workers crash into counterweights or cars.  

To Help Prohibit Elevator Related Deaths & Injuries, Workers, Employers, & Building Owners Should Take the Below- Mentioned Steps:

  • Safeguard the workplace with defensive practices & training are acceptable
  • Lessen the strength and lock-out electrical circuits and mechanical equipment when elevators are out of service or being repaired
  • Create a permit- required confined -space program for elevator slides
  • Arrange for satisfactory fall protection during work in or nearby elevator shafts
  • Enhance a suitable maintenance and inspection program
  • Use only qualified repair best elevator companies in India or workers for elevator repair and maintenance
  • Post apt elevator safety signs for emergency operation, freight elevators, counterweights, elevator shafts, inspection tags, etc.

Elevator Safety Tips for Riders

While Waiting for Elevators

Listen and look carefully for the indication announcing your elevator’s arrival
One must stand clear of the elevator doors and stand sideways for smooth deboarding of passengers
Before boarding please check if the lift is empty or full, wait for the next lift if full
Don’t try to contrive in or stop the closing of doors, wait for the next lift
In the incident of a fire or other situation that could lead to a distraction in electrical services, you should take the stairs.

While Boarding Elevators

Permit passengers exiting firs from the Hydraulic Passenger Lift for a hassle-free boarding
Be careful with your step – the elevator car may not be ideally level with the floor
Stand clear of the doors and keep your clothes along with the carry-ons away from the door
Don’t try to stop a closing door, have patience and wait for the next car

When One is Riding Elevators

The top elevators companies in India provides handrail in the elevators, so hold the handrail if available
Always try to stand next to the elevator wall, if available
Pay attention to the floor signs and announcement when offered
While the elevators stop and doors do not open, don’t panic, try to push the Door Open button
Keep calm and have patience while you find yourself stuck in any elevator. Use the elevator’s button or emergency to avail help.
Top 10 Elevator Companies in India designs very well-organized elevator cars and is also considered to be the safest place in elevators.

When One is Exiting Elevators

Exit instantly at your floor, do not wait for others behind you
Wait for the elevator to stop, do not rush and push other fellow passengers in the car
Be careful with your step- the elevator car may not be ideally level with the floor

In Case of an Emergency in an Elevator

If the elevator stops amidst floors, don’t panic, there is adequate of air in the elevator
Reassure and calm other co-passengers who is feeling conscious for being stuck in the lift
Use the HELP or ALARM Button, the telephone or the intercom to call for help.
Do not try to open the doors
Don’t try to climb up a stalled elevator
Be patience till quality competent help arrive
The emergency light will come on in event of a power failure

As in case elevators, children should be particularly careful when around the doors. They should never put their hands or feet into the area amidst the moving door and the adjacent door jamb. Thus, children below the age of 12 should be accompanied by elders in elevators.

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