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Top 10 Commercial Mixer Grinder Manufacturers for Hotels and Restaurants

Last updated on November 23rd, 2022

Do you know eateries are very renowned in Indian and are considered as the most money-making business? No matter in which corner of the nation you open a restaurant, as long as you ensure the taste, you can make a handsome ROI. According to a study, we have come to know the fact that the market value of the Restaurant Industry and food services industry is around 4 trillion INR.

We come across numerous restaurants that fail to cater for the taste of the customers. The customers would be like ‘dusre wale pe chalte hai, yaha ‘woh’ taste nahi hai’. Hence, to succeed in this business, you have to be updated and hire the best chef with excellent knowledge of the cuisine and, more critically, the taste. Besides, you will require investing in a good quality commercial mixer grinder to make recipes like smoothies and masala blends quickly.

So, invest in the best commercial mixer grinder manufacturers for hotels and restaurants as they ease the task of churning and grinding solid and tough food. In this blog, we will present to you the top 10 commercial mixer grinder manufacturers for hotels and restaurants:

  1. LORDSxtra Industrial Food Grinding Machines

Lords Industries are the best commercial mixer grinder manufacturer and was founded by a strong technocrat Mr. Nadim Admed who has an extensive experience of more than 3 decades in the Mixer Industry.

Lords Food Grinding Machines result from genetic engineering, which is used to develop a novel commercial mixing-grinding machine concept. With the increasing demand for Heavy Duty Commercial Grinders/Mixers in our country, we at Lords Industries have brought in the latest German technology of “TORTUOUS -Winding” in the last 5 years to create a “Workhorse” reliability of our Commercial Machines. Our higher-end models of 1760-2200WATT are entirely made of metal to ensure a stable and sturdy operation for large kitchen jobs.

  1. Libra 3 Liters Commercial Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder for Hotel and Restaurants

Libra 3 Liters Commercial Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder from the brand Libra is an incredible Mixer Grinder that is used in most hotels and restaurants today. These black grinders have a powerful motor and jars with steel handles for easy lifting. The Libra Mixer Grinder has a sturdy construction and is intended for commercial use. It has a 1400-watt mixer and a durable ABS body.

  1. Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder

Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder is a perfect addition to your commercial kitchen. From the brand Hamilton, this sturdy Mixer Grinder is made up of stainless steel, and it comes in 3 variable speeds. Considering its high durability and excellent performance even in the harshest conditions, this Hamilton Beach professional Mixer Grinder is counted as the best option for your commercial use.

  1. Sunmeet Mixer Grinder for Hotel

Sunmeet Mixer Grinder is made after much research and weighs only around 4 kgs. Sunmeet Mixer Grinder for restaurants and hotels is a great mixer grinder from the brand Sunmeet of 1600 watts. Its jar is made of stainless steel, and the lids comprise clips that lock with the jar preventing spillage.

  1. Agaro Grand Professional Blender

From the brand of Agaro, the Agaro Grand Professional Blender is a fantastic mixer grinder. This brand is seen at several commercial establishments, mainly juice shops, as it efficiently converts fruits into a juice. Its blades have a high RPM combined with a potent motor, making it one of the best Commercial Mixer Grinder Manufacturers for hotels and Restaurants.

  1. MasterClass Sanyo Commercial Mixer Grinder

The product of the Sanyo brand, MasterClass Sanyo Commercial Mixer Grinder, which consumes 1400 watts of power, is one of the favorites for commercial owners. This red and black mixer grinder with a polycarbonate body and polycarbonate lids makes it perfect for commercial kitchens. Can use it to grind anything and everything! A powerful motor and lids equipped with clips that avoid spillage. 

  1. Goldwinner Commercial Mixer Grinder

This 1600-watt is a sturdy commercial mixer grinder manufactured by the brand Gold Winner. Gold Winner Commercial Mixer Grinder is a versatile machine that can be used for any commercial use. This sophisticated mixer grinder comes in excellent red and black colors with two stainless steel jars. This machine consumes 1600 watts of power, and its blades are very well designed so that they can perform seamless functions.

  1. Rotomix Mixer Grinder

This black motor grinder with an aluminum body is one of the best commercial mixer grinder manufacturers for hotels and restaurants from the brand Rotomix. This is an industry favorite, and several professionals and commercial owners own this as it gets the job done effortlessly. 

  1. Gemini Mixer Grinder

This white mixer grinder from the Gemini brand has a polycarbonate body and comes with two stainless steel jars. This extremely versatile mixer grinder can be used for grinding or blending any sort of ingredient. The stainless steel blades give superior grinding and consume 1600 watts of power. 

  1. Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198

The perfect partner for a professional cook of several hotels and restaurants, Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 is one of the best mixer grinders from the brand Preethi. The stainless steel body and the jars, too, are made from stainless steel and are considered the best and perfect for grinding the batter for Idli and Dosa. Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 comes with nylon couplers for smooth usage, and the brand provides excellent customer service.

If you feel I have missed some of the prominent commercial mixer grinder manufacturers for hotels and restaurants, name to the list. Please add the names in the comment section, or you can email us at and get them enlisted.

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