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Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

Last updated on March 4th, 2023

These scientific modifications are what makes our life effortless and helpful. As you already know that Lifts are solely designed to carry heavy loads in an easy and fast manner. Lifts are used for carrying people and mostly they’re used for moving heavy goods between different floors of any place. No matter what it carries, lift companies make lifts according to the weight the customers or any company wants. Lift is a great device to have in any business a no one likes to climb upstairs and reach different floors but with lifts, they manage to make a journey fast and smooth.

Company Name Website
KONE India
Schindler’s Elevators India
Himenviro-Fuji Elevator
Fujitec India
Escon Elevators Private Limited
Otis Elevator, India
Omega Elevators
Hitachi Lift
Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd.
Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

Today we’ll discuss top 10 passenger lifts or elevator companies in India. Passenger lifts are enclosed lift car that travels vertically in a shaft in which passenger is transported from one floor to another. The journey with passenger lifts are done with quick speed and there are control panels available and designed for a stoppage at each floor. If you are on a lookout for efficient high performance and affordable passenger lift then here we have done our research for you. We have provided you with the companies that are an exception in manufacturing lifts for your service and innovate your lifestyle.

List of Top Elevator Companies in India

Followings are the Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

Why Kone is no. 1 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

1. KONE India


KONE INDIA- Best Lift Company in India

KONE India provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization, which add value to the life cycle of any building.

KONE Corporation is a leading name in the Elevator and escalators Industry and KONE India is a whole subsidiary of it with the same excellent in technology and service.

With an investment of Rs. 450 crores and employing around 600 people, its new facility is riding the wave of urbanization in India and with its new plant that is spread over 50,000 square metres, it is destined to make India advanced.

Why Schindler’s Elevators India no. 2 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

2. Schindler’s Elevators India


Types of Lifts Offered by the Best Lift Company in India -Schindler’s Elevators India

Schindler India is a Switzerland-based company founded in 1874 in 1998 the company further expanded its company with its 100% owned subsidiary in India and from then its unstoppable.

The Schindler Group is a manufacturer of escalators, moving walkways, and elevators worldwide. Its headquarters is in India at Mumbai, Maharashtra and provide low rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings vertical transportation at a competitive price. Their products and services ensure that they meet International standards and regulations. 

It also produces, installs, maintains and modernizes elevators and escalators in many types of buildings including residential, commercial and high-rise buildings.

Why Himenviro-Fuji Elevator no. 3 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

3. Himenviro-Fuji Elevator


Read why Himenviro-Fuji Elevator is the Best Lift Company in India

Himenviro Environmental Engineering Company Pvt Ltd; is headquartered in New Delhi and the world with the principle of affordable cost and fine-class quality.

It manufactures a range of Passenger & Freight elevators for Residential buildings; Commercial buildings; Shopping Malls; Multiplex; Hospitals and Industries. The product range includes both Manual and Automatic doors. Its next-generation MRL (Machine Room Less) elevators are flexible, structurally cost-saving and environmentally friendly. 

Their lifts are manufactured and sold under trained manpower for engineering, field support and a team of logistics and are delivered on the correct time.

Why Fujitec India no. 4 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

4. Fujitec India


Fujitec India – Best Lift Company in India Facilitating the Best Services with Innovative Technology

Fujitec is a leading Japanese-based company that covers the purpose of research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators.

They facilitate the best service and use the latest technology in installation (laser/ultrasonic check of hoistway) using the most advanced engineering.

They are specialists in installing, escalators, industrial lifts, walkways and elevators. They also carry out the installation and maintenance work with dedication and care.

Why Escon Elevators Private Limited no. 5 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

5. Escon Elevators Private Limited


Fujitec India – Best Lift Company in India Facilitating the Best Services with Innovative Technology

Escon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of elevators, escalators, car parking lifts and related control devices with more than 27 years of experience in India and abroad.

They provide all types of Passenger Elevators including Manual Doors, Power Operated Doors, Capsule Elevators, etc. All the Elevators are constructed considering comfort, speed, and safety.

Upgraded advanced technologies used in the elevator for the machines, controllers, etc. give authenticity, top-level comfort and a better travel experience to the passenger.

Why Otis Elevator, India no. 6 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

6. Otis Elevator, India


Otis Elevator the Best Lift Company in India Operating in 200 different countries

Otis lifts are manufactured at ISO-certified factories on four continents. There is various ranges of products and OTIS fulfils every technology type of diverse needs of the customers and passengers.

Otis offers products and services in 200 different countries and territories with advanced quality, safety and style with 26 engineering centres and 11 test towers around the world

Founded in 1853, Otis Elevator Company is an American-based company that develops, manufactures and markets elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipment.

Why Omega Elevators no. 7 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

7. Omega Elevators


Omega Elevators- The Best Lift Company in India Specialized in Electric and Hydraulic Passenger Lifts

Omega is a leading company that is committed to delivering exceptional service in India and abroad. As the name suggests they are known to be an excellent and the best company in the elevator sector.

Omega is a Spanish company that particularly specializes in manufacturing electric and hydraulic Passenger lifts and its advanced innovations in elevator technology.

It specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining all forms of vertical transport like lifts, escalators, ramps and platforms to transport 3-53 people at a time and manufactures and installs car elevators, rocket elevators and capsule elevators.

Why Thyssenkrupp no. 8 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

8. Thyssenkrupp


Thyssenkrupp- Setting the Standard as the Best Lift Company in India

Thyssenkrupp is a German multinational conglomerate in the world that initially started as a joint venture of two companies, Thyssen AG and Krupp that were dealing in steel, which underwent a merger in the year 1999. 

It’s one of the biggest steel companies in the world and provides several cabs to travel in a single shaft – both vertically and horizontally-, the space-saving is even higher cutting by half the elevator footprint in tall buildings.

Their passenger lifts meet all architectural requirement and are robust, reliable equipped with smart and user-friendly features and functionality.

Why Hitachi Lift no. 9 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

9. Hitachi Lift


The Rise of Hitachi Lift the Best Lift Company in India

Hitachi was established in 1920, they are distinct by virtue of its simplified automation technology.

Hitachi India’s headquarters is situated in New Delhi and it is one of the reputed companies and is also considered the most reliable company to manufacture and provide complete elevator solutions.

Equipped with modern design, and advanced technology and respond to the growing need for highly efficient vertical transportation solutions.

Why Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd no. 10 in the list of Top 10 Passenger Elevator Companies in India

10. Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd.


Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd.-Leading the Way as the Best Lift Company in India

Express Lifts was founded in 1995 in Ahmedabad by Vasant B Detroja and Bhupat D Khunt, two technocrats who joined hands to begin a quality-driven, techno-corporate mission.

The founders had special expertise in the two critical components of elevator technology: Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The need for advanced India began with the founder and now to everyone else.

Express Lifts is India’s market leader, with 65% market share (in Hydraulic Lifts – Industrial & passenger) as it manufactures and installs Hydraulic Lifts up to the 6-storey level.

Wrap-up Tis the list everyone. Hope it helped you to select the right company for passenger lifts. Passenger lifts are not only advanced with time but they are very convenient and smooth to ride, also it increases the visuals of the place it is installed.

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