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Top 5 Mini Fridges of 2019

Last updated on May 24th, 2022

Mini Fridges are great appliances to add to our life. They are convenient, easily manageable and you can use while traveling. Talking about traveling, especially in summers or in Monsoon Season your food has 100% chances of getting spoiled or turn rancid. In those situations a portable Mini Fridge works as a blessing and an epic innovation. In case you live alone or are single, then a massive sized fridge is impractical because it will consume a bulk amount of electricity and in that case a Mini Fridge is the best option for you as you can perfectly preserve your small amount of food in that and also consume minimum power. Hence if you have decided or intending to buy a Mini Fridge for yourself then we have a best list of Mini Fridges arranged for you to select.

Serial No. Company Name Website
1 Classic yet Powerful: Haier 52L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
2 Super Stylish – LG 45L Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator
3 Compact Cooler: Godrej 99L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
4 Maximum Convenience: Whirlpool 93L Mini Refrigerator
5 legant Design: Mitashi 100 L Direct-Cool Single-Door RefrigeratorE
Top 5 Mini Fridges of 2019

There are various Mini Fridges available in the market due to its growing demands but certainly you want a product which has a long lasting quality and is healthy to use, which doesn’t create any technical issue after some time of using. We have a well-planned list for you based on the true rating, substantial usage and people reviews.

What are the Advantages of Mini Fridges?

  • Serviceable in Office
  • Convenient to Use
  • Ease of Management
  • Maintenance cost is low
  • Don’t emit Toxic gas
  • Carry it in Picnics
  • Occupy lesser Space
  • Easy Outdoor Placement
  • Carry in Cars while Travelling
  • Fast Freezes Food Items
  • Require less amount of Cleaning
  • Great option while travelling
  • Perfect Option for Bachelors

Here are Top 5 Mini Fridges of 2019 for you to select a convenient lifestyle and save food. They are carefully selected based on Professional help and their grand quality.

 1. Classic yet Powerful: Haier 52L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier Group is one of the world’s major brands for manufacturing and high-tech household appliances. Its new product is “The Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator” which has an elegant appearance and occupies less space.

 It ensures better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts and also has an Anti-fungal removable gasket that prevents germs and bacteria formation. Therefore due to its variation in functions and advanced technology it made it the number choice for us.


Brand: Haier

Ratings: 4 Stars

Model: HR-62VS

Essential Key Features:

Three Stars Energy Saving Ratings

No need of Stabilizers- Stabilizer Free operation that protects the compressor and from voltage fluctuation.

Low Noise & Vibration Compressor- Equipped with 32 DB super mute and low vibration compressor so there is no loudness and you can sleep peacefully.

Large Capacity- It has the highest capacity of 52 liters that accommodate you food items.

Ice Compartment- Ice cubes or Ice dishes, you can store it in the organized freezer.

Anti-Fungal Gasket-Removal gasket could be cleaned and equipped again to prevent fungal infection.


  • One year Warranty
  • Less Weight up to 19kg
  • Separate organized
  • More Storage Space up to 52 Liters
  • Small and Perfectly Sized Square shape
  • Recess Handles for the ease of opening
  • Sleek Design and Powerful Performance
  • Gives Efficient Cooling for Longer Hours after a power cut


  • Only Single Door opening
  • Not large Ice Compartment

2. Super Stylish – LG 45L Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator

Lucky Goldstar (LG) is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world that is known for its class display and has been awarded for its best services and products. This new model is designed to offer you fresh and advances experience.

Its metallic body enhances the appearance of any rooms it is placed and it offers optimum cooling to keep your food fresh forever. This refrigerator can store smaller items like juice bottles, pickles, chocolates, ice-cream, fruits and medicine, cans and water bottle. It’s excellent for your use and processes great quality.


Brand: LG

Ratings: 3.4 Stars

Model: GL-051SSW

Essential Key Features:

Capacity 45 L: Suitable for Bachelors

Large Door Basket: Stock bigger bottles with ease.

Fixed Gasket: Fixed gasket is made to form an air-tight seal

Stabilizer Free Operations: It can operate at the range of 140 to 290V hence doesn’t require a stabilizer.

Separate Freezer Compartment: Comes along with temperature regulator that preserves freshness, texture and nutrition values of the food items.


  • Provides Super Chilling
  • Very Convenient and Portable
  • Stylish and Invocative Design
  • You can place it in your bedroom
  • 1 year warranty and 5 years on compressor
  • The inner layout has diverse fixed sections
  • Active Load Bearing Shelves can store heavy food items


  • No Light
  • No lock and key system

3. Compact Cooler: Godrej 99L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator           

Godrej is one the largest trusted brand of Indian citizens. If it is labeled as Godrej they are pretty much blindly buying it for sure. Godrej is worthy of millions of trust by consumers because it always provides excellent quality, Convenience and high-cut advanced technology embedded in their products.

This Godrej Refrigerator is also equipped advanced features such as Anti-B technology, Large Storage Capacity and Various internal layouts that keep your food fresh and evergreen.


Brand: Godrej          

Rating: 3.7 Stars

Model: RD CHAMP 114 WRF 1.2 WIN RED

Essential Key Features:

Highest Capacity: up to 99L of Storage

Compact Vegetable Tray: Godrej also provides a small veggies tray that keeps your food fresh.

Anti-B Technology- Keeps food Germ free as it perfectly safeguard from various ingrowth of microbes.

Wire Shelves: Hold multiple food items and is highly durable.

Energy-efficient light: Lightens up your entire refrigerator while consuming very little energy.

Inbuilt Stabilizers: It helps to avoid voltage infatuation and also you won’t have to buy an additional voltage stabilizer.

One Star Rating: Power rating proves that this refrigerator is energy efficient.

Freezer: Various freezers don’t provide this but it has so you can make various ice snacks.


  • Consume Less Power
  • Weigh Very less: 39 KG weight.
  • Ideal for small room, Office, bedroom, minibar and Shops
  • Environmental Friendly: this refrigerator is free of CFC’s and HCFCs
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, ten years on compressor.
  • Compact Design: Beautiful colored in red and also smaller in size.
  • Bottle Guard: Contain a small bottle and cans storage space.
  • Presence of Various Compartments: It has a freezer, mil and water bottles and vegetable compartment all in all.
  • Separate Milk Zone: To keep you dairy fresh and prevention from other aroma mix-up.


  • Freezer looks too simple.
  • The defrost button is hidden behind the fridge.

4. Maximum Convenience: Whirlpool 93L Mini Refrigerator

I want to confess that whenever we hear the Whirlpool name we are compelled to sing the logo song “whirlpool, whirlpool”. Whirlpool is widely known for creating refrigerators that are highly durable, possess high quality and are advanced with new features. Over 100 years of Global expertise, Whirlpool has always been a win at home appliances especially refrigerator.

This new product that is Whirlpool 93L Mini Refrigerator is a different ballgame because it is densely equipped for customer convenience, high quality and advanced in technology. Possessing various functional key features and compartments under a budget able price is what it has managed to pull off.


Brand: Whirlpool

Ratings: 3.2 Stars

Model: 115 W-ATOM PRM 2S Steel

Essential Key Features:

2 Stars Energy Rating: Saves energy consumption up to 20%

Multi Air Flow: Provides uniform cooling air that keeps the food fresh for a longer duration.

7 Cooling Modes: Adjust you cooling according to your favorable temperature.

 Adjustable Shelves: You can adjust them according to the size of your food item and hence you can store both bigger and smaller food items.

Total 3 Door Racks: Extra space for storing snacks like sauces, more number cold drinks for parties and water bottles.

Stabilizer Free Operation: Protects from voltage fluctuation and avoid installing an additional stabilizer.

In-Built Icemaker: Availability of ice tray and separate freezer section for keeping ice snacks and ice.


  • Large Capacity of Storage
  • Weigh less- up to 19.8 Kg
  • Total Storage of 30 average size bottles
  • Consume less energy, i.e., has 2 Stars Rating
  • Three Adjustable shelves for keeping food items
  • Store up to 53 Cans in one time
  • One year Warranty on Product and ten years on Compressor


  • No presence of vegetable Compartment
  • It should have some overall weight.

5. Elegant Design: Mitashi 100 L Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Mitashi name may sound like its Japanese but it is a leading India based electronic company widely known for the production of electronic devices. It is headquartered in Mumbai, booming for producing the affordable and durable quality of refrigerators.

This new product is called Mitashi Direct Cool single-door refrigerator which has a total of 100 liters of capacity and also is equipped with energy rating with two stars. It is a direct cool, single door and it economically requires manual frosting. It contains an inbuilt stabilizer and uses R600A refrigerant that manages to give grand quality with faster cooling.


Brand: Mitashi

Ratings: 3 Stars

Model: MiRFSDM2S100v120

Essential Key Features:

Refrigerant Gas R600A: It uses the R600A refrigerant that gives a higher performance in faster cooling.

2 Stars Energy Rating: Most energy efficient as it saves electricity and money.

Big Bottle Guard: You can store tall water bottles and all other things you like.

Stabilizer Free Operation: It has an inbuilt stabilizer so you won’t have to worry about voltage fluctuations.

Mechanical Temperature Control System: It allows you to adjust the temperature according to your favour.

Smaller Freezer Compartment: It allows you to store your ice snacks and store ice cubes.

Manual Defrost: It helps you to save up to 40% of your energy consumption with its Manual Defrost Operation


  • Large Capacity of Storage
  • Door lock control option
  • It causes lower environmental impacts.
  • Keeps food fresh for a longer duration
  • Compact look and innovative design
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor
  • Additional Ice Tray with the refrigerator gives to store ice cubes.


  • There is no light in the fridge. 
  • No separate boxes to store defrost ice water.


We have reached the last part of our reviews and we would like to say that select the above mention fridges based on the terms of your requirements. We went through in-depth research & analysis and provide you with an unbiased opinion of the top 5 mini Fridges in 2019. These all fridge possess high quality, advanced technology and compact design which sets them apart from other products in the market.

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