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Top 5 Cold Room Manufacturing Companies in India

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

Imagine a world without refrigeration. I can tell you a thing, it would be very challenging to live in it, and several things that enclose us would be practically non-existent, including your business.

Serial No. Company Name Website
1 Blue Star
3 Blue Ice
4 Uniref
5 Kralomoc
Cold Room Manufacturing Companies

Let us learn What Cold Room is?

It is a type of refrigeration chamber or else we can say insulated space very well designed to maintain an artificially produced temperature or variations of temperature. The major uses of Cold Room is to store perishable items, temperature-sensitive, such as bananas, other fruits, food items, and pharmaceutical items like vaccines, etc. The cold rooms can vary in size from very small walk-in rooms to very large warehouse storage. 

Why do You Need a Cold Room?

Cold rooms give exact temperature control to commercial amenities where predictable, strong refrigeration or freezing is required. For food or chemical storage, this implies long haul temperature guideline for unpreserved or uneven items, lowered decline rates, and genuine serenity realizing that things are safeguarded in the ideal circumstances.

For medicines, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) specifies current phenomenal practices for the storage of drugs and requires them to be stored “below appropriate conditions of temperature, humidity and light to maintain its purity, identity, and strength of the drug products are not affected.”    

Some other benefits of Parameter’s cold rooms include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety and Security
  • High Product Standards

Below-mentioned is a list of some of the globally acclaimed cold room manufacturing companies in India:

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Blue Star

Blue Star is India’s primary air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. Leading construction of the industrial cold room, this manufacturing company has a network of 32 offices, 5 modern manufacturing amenities and some new state–of–the–art facilities being set up. Blue Star in India is one such company in India. This organization has over 7000 stores from ACs, packaged air conditioners, cold rooms, chillers, refrigeration products and systems, and 1500 service associates reaching out to customers in over 1000 towns. This company started the business model of a manufacturer, contractor and after-sales service provider, enabling it to offer an end-to-end solution to its customers, which has proved to be an essential point of difference in the marketplace.


SEA-BIRD Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd was founded in 1983 by Mr Vijay Kumar Maini with the support of a team of proficient and experienced professionals. This company is well-known as a primary manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of innovative refrigeration technologies such as Cold Room, Casting Division, Air Compressor, Chiller Division and Sea-Bird InfoTech in India. This company is recognized for producing Cold Rooms that are excellent in quality and design. The popularity of their products in the market is an appealing reflection of the high level of personal commitment exhibited by their staff members, who are highly experienced, qualified, and classified closely with the company’s work ethic. 

The company’s constant endeavor contributes to the present era of technological advancements by creating functional and valuable compressors. Sea Bird’s quality of products has been praised in India and renowned in countries such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Green, Latin America, and numerous other countries where there is a demand for their Cold Room and other products.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice Puf Panels & Refrigeration is dedicated to offer top-notch Puf Panels and Refrigeration products to reserve food for our generations to come. Blue Ice in India has comprehensive cold chain solutions for banana ripening facility, pharma product storages, ice cream production and storage facilities, Floriculture, Horticulture, Sea Food Industry, Seed Storage and several others. Blue Ice has been a trusted name in delivering ideal solution for cold chain management and food processing. They take pride in providing most excellent solutions for their customers since their inspection.   


Uniref began its activity at Jaipur in 2003 and had a Pan India organization to take special care of its regarded clients. Uniref offers its clients a serious arrangement inside refrigeration. Uniref gives the most effective particular cold room capacity; let it be a stroll in cooler or an impact chiller. We give cold room stockpiling answers for a wide range of offices like for saving, which incorporates banana maturing cold room, cold room stockpiling for products of the soil, frozen item cool room stockpiling, business dairy and frozen yoghurt cold room stockpiling holders, cultivation capacity, inn and cafés kitchen capacity as well as ocean food sources capacity, cold space for drugs and numerous different applications.


Our advancement from an enterprising beginning up in 2009 to a main creative examination of refrigeration systems is advanced by original business entrepreneurs. India’s manufacturing cold room, freezer room, chiller room, condensing unit, evaporator manufacturing, and puf panel production is a success story of consistent development by adjusting to the unique business climate without losing focus around our centre domain refrigeration systems. 

The manufacture and carry out innovation answers to enhance Cold Room for our client’s efficiency and productivity and may run parts of their procedure for their benefit. At last, we empower our clients to turn out to be elite performers in their sector. Our steady endeavours to upgrade the innovation in cold room manufacturing have assisted us with giving top-notch cold rooms to suit Indian tropical and humidity climates at cutthroat cost.

We at Right Selects have done with the top 5 manufacturing companies of Cold Room in India, if you have more or want your cold room’s manufacturing unit in this list, you can email us at, or you can comment with the details in the comment section.  

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