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Top Seven Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer/ Supplier

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

When we talk about the process of Vertical Injection Moulding procedure, there are several different types of machines to select from, the hydraulic, mechanical or electrical. There are numerous of Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer/ Supplier to choose from. Below-mentioned is a list of some of the globally acclaimed companies to provide you with an indication of the manufacturers and the machines they produce.

Serial No. Company Name Website
4 Haitian International
5 Husky Injection Molding Systems
6 Milacron Holdings Corp
7 Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd


The Engel Group has nine locations throughout the globe, that means it will provide a global service too. Engel Group offers both electric and hydraulic models and promises a fastening force from its types of machinery between 280 kN and 55,000 kN. Developed from a family run business, this company provides a range of turnkey solutions to give customers the most value from its machinery. Engel Group also provides an array of dedicated Vertical Injection Moulding process itself that will costume numerous different materials, which is perhaps why it’s one of the prime manufacturers in the market.

ENGEL Group’s Vertical Injection Moulding Machine

Insert – This is a Vertical Injection Moulding Machine perfect for overmoulded insert parts
v-duo – This is a space-saving Vertical Injection Moulding Machine for significant lightweight components


Arburg is one of the most recognised injection moulding machine manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Arburg had established its first injection moulding machine in the fifties and is also one of the largest manufacturers, with 33 locations across the globe, with its most significant production still at its family factory in Lossburg. 
Its primary injection moulding range is also known as ALLROUNDER. As the name suggests, this machine can offer customers numerous different machine options, that compromise hybrid machines and cube mould. Along with the machinery, the company also offers supplementary service packages and preservative manufacturing and turnkeys systems, which can be delivered and installed worldwide.

ARBURGs Vertical Injection Moulding Machine


The technology of this vertical ALLROUNDERs can be co-ordinated precisely to your particular injection moulding tasks, while still maintaining maximum ergonomic productivity.

Haitian International

Haitian International is one of the prime Asian manufacturers that provide both hydraulic and electrical machinery, and that employs over 7000 people globally. By putting its focus on inventions, customer service and other details. This group enables the people that “buy its machinery to be supple in manufacturing processes as much as possible”. This flexibility is a part of the company’s emphasis on the future, that will provide customers with reliability, a high degree of incorporation and newly defined modularity, along with a high level of presentation from its machinery.

Haitian International Injection Moulding Machine

Zhafir Venus Series
Zhafir Zeres Series
Zhafir Jenius Series
Haitian Mars Series
Haitian Jupiter Series
Haitian Iapetus Series

Husky Injection Molding Systems

Husky is the most significant distributions throughout the world, served by the company with over 5000 employees in 40 services and sales offices. Husky Injection Molding Systems offers a range of systems, hot runners, and controllers and moulds. The company promises to support its customers’ uptime and reliability with its outstanding services. Husky’s machinery and systems are used to create a variety of products, including beverage packing, consumer and medical products. Husky is one of the most popular manufacturers in the market.   

Husky Injection Molding Systems

Husky Molds
KTW™ Molds
Schöttli® Medical Molds

Milacron Holdings Corp

Milacron Holdings Corp operates as a holding company with numerous subsidiaries, manufacturers, and distributes injection moulding, blow moulding, process control systems and hot runner solutions, etc. Milacron Holding Corporation serves its customers globally and is only the international company with a full-line product. It maintains strong market positions across these products, along with leading positions in procedure control systems, mould bases and components. Milacron Holding Corp’s strategies is to deliver highly tailor-made equipment, components and services to our customers throughout the lifecycle of their plastic processing technology systems.

Milacron Holdings Corp Injection Molding Systems

All Electric
Maxima G
Magna Toggle

Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd

It is a Japanese Company globally recognised as a manufacturer and supplier of injection moulding machines, parts, expires and outlying tools. Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd functions in three divisions based on the global market, Japan, USA and Asia.

The Japan Segment deals in manufacture, purchase and sale of vertical injection moulding machines and peripheral equipment. The United States division works in the sale of products, whereas the Asia segment associates focusing on manufacturing and other regions focusing on the sale of the company’s products.

Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd Vertical Injection Molding Machines

TWX-RⅢ series
TNX-RⅢ series
STX series
TH-EⅢ series

Sumitomo Heavy Industries

After developing the initiative single -screw injection, Sumitomo Heavy Industries have enhanced to prosper their product and service offering. It offers a wide array of injection-moulded machinery and some automated and automatic systems. With an approach that it both future-facing & engrossed on meeting customer requirements. 

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Vertical Injection Molding Machines


Vertical Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturer / Suppliers plays essential contributions to the enhancement and growth of different critical sectors in the country. This segment is directly associated with India’s Automotive Industry due to significant use of distinct substances and machinery in the manufacturing of plastics.

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